Leadership In The Turbulence Times

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This material is training for those of you who want to understand about how to be a leader in turbulent times. Leaders occupy an important role in the organization at large. Many of today's leaders face a world which is portrayed by a complicated environment. Lack of strong leadership skills ultimately creates more problems. The situation then demands for a quick and decisive action to deal with the turbulence in an unconventional way.

What will i learn

  • Understanding about how to Develop Leader as Coach
  • Understand how to be a leader in turbulent times
  • Exploring skills that leader should have in turbulent times
  • Understand how to reorganize the company's direction to sustain the change and ensure future success
  • Help in building teamwork and cooperation among employees
Course content 00:37:32 Hours 7 lessons
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  • The Leader As Coach 00:11:31
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  • Quiz 00:00:00
  • Leadership In The Turbulence Times - Part I 00:13:55
  • Leadership In The Turbulence Times - Part II 00:12:06
  • Reading
  • Quiz 00:00:00

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Result-oriented Director with 20 years of experience in extensive involvement in all levels of business strategy, relationship building, sales and marketing, managing project for both traditional and agile project management, and program development. Dedicated and proactive with strong commitment in creating high-quality professional services that provide tailored solutions for both organization and professionals.

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