Our online learning service's terms and conditions.

Terms and condition

Terms and Condition

www.onlinelearning.multimatics.co.id is a website with an online learning platform owned and operated by Multimatics. All activities and rules directly related to this website will be fully governed by the terms and conditions below.

In an unspecified time the terms and conditions will change. Your use of this website must follow any changes that are part of the agreement and are bound by the terms in accordance with the changes that are no exception.


Onlinelearning is a platform that sells online course and certification for educational and professional needs.


The user/customer first chooses the course he/she wants by clicking "Buy / add to cart"

After the order enters the shopping basket, the customer can choose to add a course order or Checkout for further processing

In the checkout process the customer is asked to log in first or make a new registration.


To provide convenience and certainty for customers in conducting transactions on www.onlinelearning.multimatics.co.id, we currently implement an online payment system through Midtrans Payment Gateway. All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah. Midtrans ensures that your order payment process is secure with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides full security for every customer and freedom to shop online without worrying about the possibility of theft of credit card information.

With Midtrans the buyer will be given several payment methods:

Payment by Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard

Payments with Internet Banking / mobile banking.

Payment by Virtual Account

Payment by ATM transfer

Payments with merchants such as Alfamart and Indomaret.

Especially for credit card payments, customers must click submit to process payments online and enter credit card holder data. (All transactions will be processed within 1x 24 hours).


Invoice is proof of valid transactions as proof of ordering and purchasing and as a reference for your purchase.

You are encouraged to keep invoices for each of your purchases that may be useful for service after purchase and as proof of warranty claims for some items that have a warranty.