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In today's digital era, data is king. This Machine Learning program equips you with the tools to unlock its potential. Dive deep into the fascinating world of machine learning algorithms, from linear regression to deep learning. You'll learn how to analyze data effectively and build powerful models that can predict future outcomes with surprising accuracy. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to expand your skillset or a beginner with a passion for technology, this program provided by Multimatics is your gateway to the exciting world of Machine Learning!

What will i learn

  • Introduction to Basic Machine Learning
  • Mathematical Foundations for Machine Learning
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Regression Model
  • Classification Models
  • Clustering Model
  • Advanced Machine Learning Models
  • Model Optimization
  • Model Evaluation
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Introduction to Basic Machine Learning
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About instructor

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Sigit is an IT Professional with more than 14 years of experience in IT, especially in Full Stack Development, Database Management, Vision Control, Data Mining, and Agile Scrum. He has several certification such as PMR Project Management Ready™, Agile Scrum Foundation, Advanced JavaScript Programming and CSS, and more. With his expertise in IT, Sigit has the ability to manage and build large teams to deliver operation excellence.

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