Acquiring External Data Social Media Analysis

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Python 3


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This material is training for those of you who want to know how to pull / retrieve external data from websites and social media which is better known as Scraping Data by using the Python programming language. This material also explains how to analyze the sentiment of acquiring data with data science modeling in language that is easy to understand even for ordinary people. So for those of you who want to quickly become a data scientist, this is the right material for you to learn.

What will i learn

  • Understand how to retrieve using the Data API
  • Can do social media analysis
  • Understand and practice sentiment analysis
  • Understand the use of python libraries
  • Can do data scraping in an easy way
Course content 02:32:24 Hours 5 lessons
Module 1: Acquiring External Data
1 Lessons 00:07:02 Hours
  • Acquiring External Data 00:07:02
  • Web Scraping 00:48:26
  • API 00:55:50
  • Social Media Analytics 00:11:38
  • Sentiment Analysis 00:29:28

About instructor

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Has over 5 years of experience working in professional IT training and coaching industry. For the past 2 years, he has specialized in Data Management. He also excels in Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Big Data Architecture.

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